The Millennial Adult


Here is my testing excerpt.

This is just a test to check out tagging.

  • thing 1
  • thing 2
  • thing 17
    1. thing a
      • thing b
    2. thing c
    3. thing 22
  • that's it

More blippty blah text here




Cooking up a storm!

A different Sub Box Let's see how this behaves without all the fancy stuff. Subscribe!

There is nothing simple about this.  The amount of options and settings is sheer madness!!!  What's a gal to do?!  How do I know when I've explored enough?  Do I really need to go through every single option?  That'll take FOREVER!  One day, I'll be a master word presser.

The thousand injuries I had borne as best I could. But when he ventured upon insult, I vowed.... revenge? NO... that's not right. Fortunato... must... die!
- Edgar Allen Poe... sort of
Now that we've seen a few different things, how do you think we did?  Would you want to do a blog yourself?  Well, would ya, punk?!

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