The Millennial Adult


I’m a millennial…

But I’m also an adult. Somehow, that gets lost in translation. Most people don’t seem to realize that millennials have actually grown up. I am a full-blown functioning adult. And yeah, I’ll admit, “adulting” has proven to be somewhat challenging. With the ever-changing fast-paced hi-tech lifestyle that has become the norm, what it means to “adult” has simply changed in ways no one could have prepared us for. But true to millennial fashion, I have adapted, I have learned, I have overcome. It’s what millennials do. And also true to millennial fashion, I have decided to publicly chronicle my endeavors, adventures, lessons and revelations. That’s not to say I’ve somehow mastered adulting. By no means am I the next Warren Buffett, Cat Cora, Bob the Builder or Rosie the Robot. I’m figuring it out as I go. I’m just your average millennial trying to adult.